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an icontest for the weapon mistress

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... to tenten_stills, a general icontest dedicated to the always wonderful kunoichi, Tenten, of the anime Naruto.


x Week 15: Fairy-Tale!
x Submission ends Saturday/Sunday.


- Have respect toward all members within this community.

- Don't have a bad attitude around this place. No sulking if you don't win. You have a perfecly fine livejournal to express that, thank you.

- You have no need for posting access so please don't ask for the such. Only the mods and banner-makers have a purpose of the use of posting access.


- Contests are weekly. Themes are posted on Friday. You'll be given a week to submit icons. Submissions posted after 9:30 P.M GMT (Pacific time) will be disqualified.

- Contests require you to follow a theme. Themes may include something of a basic, lyrical, and base theme. The icons you submit must follow the theme given for that week. If it's a lyrical theme then you must use 3 consecutive words from the song (lyrics will be given). If a base theme is given then you must use the base given and only that. If you don't follow the theme, then your icon(s) will be disqualified for that week.

- After submissions have been turned in, a voting poll will be posted. Vote for every place listed to vote for or your vote won't be counted.

- Submission posts are screened until winners have been posted. Voting posts will remain screened.

- All icons must be new and should not be posted anywhere else.

- No animated icons allowed, unless otherwise stated.

- Icons must be 100x100 and under 40kb


- Your icon(s) must feature Tenten of course! It's okay to have other characters along with her, though your icon(s) must focus on her.

- You may enter up to 2 icons for each contest.

- You have until Friday 9:30 P.M GMT Pacific time to enter icons. Icons submitted after that time will be disqualified.

- Icon(s) must be new and must be made for that week.

- Don't show your icon(s) anywhere else! Doing so will lead to the disqualification of your icon(s)!

- Submit at the submission post for said week.

- Please upload your icon(s) to a reliable server such as Photobucket and Imageshack. If your icon can't be seen because of your server, your icon(s) won't be counted and we'll have to disqualify them.

- !!NEW MEMBERS!! To indicate that you've read and understand the rules please put "kunai" under your submission. Without this, your icons won't be counted unless you figure it out and repost your submission with "kunai" added to it. After your first submission it's not necessary to add it to your submission. :)

- Submissions such look like so: (icon by tainee)

http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/6799/no8br6.png -> adding the URL is optional
x kunai -> for first time submitting members


- Voting will take place during Friday through Sunday.

- Vote at the voting post for said week.

- No voting for your own icon(s), please.

- Vote for which icon you think deserves that certain place.

- If submission provide, each (some) week(s) there will be a special category, you are to include the SC in your voting whatever it may be. Please refer to the special catagory glossary to get a better understanding of what to look for in an icon when voting for a certain special catagory.

- Vote for every place listed or your vote will not be counted.


- Congratulations if you win! You'll know if you won through a winners' post for said week.

- You'll recieve a banner stating your win, unless you don't want one.

- Banners will be put in a banner post by a banner-maker. Pick them up there. :D Comment if you've taken it.

- Save and upload your banner(s) to your own server please if stated by your banner-maker.

WINNERS (weeks 1-10):
Week #:
1 denri_x3 (Community icon)
2 light_flower (Faceless)
3 light_flower (Selective coloring)
4 denri_x3 (Light)
5 tainee (Together)
6 light_flower (Hush)
7 blooming_cosmo (Name meaning)
8 blooming_cosmo (OTP)
9 blooming_cosmo (Light textures)
10 blooming_cosmo (Quotes)

Hall of Fame
blooming_cosmo Weeks 7,8,9,10,15
light_flower Weeks 2,3,6,12,13,14

x Full list of winners

x Recent winners


x Honorary members
x Themes/challenges
x Voting posts
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x Special catagory glossary


- If you take any icons, credit the iconmaker. Crediting is nice and important! If you happen upon an icon via a voting post, wait until the winners are posted and the submission post is unscreened.


If you have any questions, please e-mail us! :) please don't take it upon yourself to ask something about tenten_stills at our personal journal. Thanks a lot! ♥

Head-mod: megan23352/Megz
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Co-Mod: blooming_cosmo/Kat
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Mod rotation/schedule.

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They are your awesome banner-makers, bow and clap for them! ♥

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